Kalumet Pejula Bubbler vaporizer

Vaporizer for extractions (BHO and Resin)

Kalumet Pejula Bubbler vaporizer


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Kalumet Pejula Vaporizer is a small portable vaporizer for all kinds of extractions (Hashish, BHO, Ice-o-lator, Rosin, Budder, shater, etc ...). This vaporizer will surprise you from the first shed, its new design is more manageable, practical and effective.

The Pejula Vaporizer includes in its base a variable power regulator of 3.3 to 4.8V, also its glass bowl will help to cool the vapors producing much softer drafts. The Kalumet Pejula has a battery of great autonomy and includes two atomizers for extractions, one with resistance and another in ceramic.

How does the Kalumet Pejula vaporizer work?
Its operation is quite simple, to turn on and off the vapor we must press the button 5 times in a row, to fill the vaporizer we must pull the glass bubble up, we will fill the resistance with extractions of cannabis and we will keep pressed the button to heat the resistance, the glass bowl will fill with steam and once it is full, we can overturn. Be sure to clean the vaporizer thoroughly after each use.

You can transform your Pejula vaporizer for extractions in a dry herbal vaporizer (cannabis), you only need to buy the T2 Accessory. We also give you the option of buying directly the vaporizer kit Pejula bubbler + Accessory T2.

The Kalumet Pejula Vaporizer is presented in a box, in it you will find:
1x Pejula Vaporizer.
1x Silicone container for extractions.
1x USB charging cable.
1x Plug adapter.
1x Dabber.
1x Cleaning brush.
1x Atomizer with resistance.
1x Ceramic atomizer.

Price Vaporizer
58,00€   53,94 €
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