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Vaporizer P1 Pepita Seeds

Descriptive of the vaporizer P1 PEPITA SEEDS

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The PEPITA SEEDS P1 vaporizer is small and very easy to use, it’s the perfect small pocket vaporizer.

The P1 portable vaporizer is ideal for vaporizing cannabis resin extractions, unlike its older brother the vaporizer BOCANA that has the necessary accessories to smoke also dry grass or hashish, both for recreational and medical use, and this without inhaling harmful substances, Such as tobacco, nicotine, residues of combustion or other toxic products.

This vaporizer has a locking system so that it doesn’t light up in your pocket for example. It is equipped with a high quality battery and very durable, which will allow you a long use without having to recharge it systematically.
It is easy to clean, thanks to a small brush that you will find in your chest. If it's really dirty, you can use some alcohol to clean it.

Accessories included in the vaporizer P1 Pepita Seeds:
- Cleaning brush.
- Dubber.
- Box for resin.
- USB sector adapter.
- USB cable - mini USB.

Price Vaporizer
29,90€   24,21 €
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