125mm in-line extractor (190m3/h)

In-line extractors are ideal to install in greenhouses and grow tents. It is used  as an  extraction reinforcement in long ventilation circuits. It  can also be used as an Intractor to bring fresh air into the grow tent . They are silent, it has a 125 mm diameter, with a flow rate of 190 m3 / h.

The extractor on-line belongs to the family of axial extractors: These extractors have their blades positioned around the motor shaft (axis). These blades are very efficient for moving large volumes of air. Unfortunately, the design that makes this possible also causes them to be inefficient as far as air pressure is concerned. The restrictions in the airflow both input and output (filters, ducting, etc.) drastically reduce the extraction yield, so they are not recommended to use with carbon odor filters.

20,00 €
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