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Adjust a Wings avenger Reflector


The reflector ADJUST-A-WINGS Avenger has been specially developped in order to increase the efficiency of light reflection (in comparison to Traditional reflectors). It increases the size of the work area, it increases yields, and thanks to its parabolic shape it also reduces the heat emitted by the bulb. With this type of reflector you earn up to 50% more light energy. (example: 400 Watt is equivalent to 600 Watt with this type of reflector).

The reflector ADJUST-A-WINGS Avenger can place 1 bulb of 250, 400, 600, 1000 w .

The reflector ADJUST-A-WINGS ("adjustable") allows the grower to create ideal lighting conditions throughout all phenological stages (growth / flowering) of the plant. It allows an increase in vitality, performance and power. It is called "adjustable" as the wings of the reflector can be adjusted according to the surface of the cultured area.

You can use a "Super Spreader" (Included) which must be placed on the sleeve of the reflector to reduce the amount of heat emitted in direction of the plants (bulb). This way you can bring the lights closer to your plants without the risk of burning them.

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