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Afghani #1 - Sensi Seeds

Afghani #1 - Sensi Seeds

Students of Indica bloodlines often refer to these varieties as 'Afghanica' when speaking of their favorites and refer as 'hash plants'  when referring generally to varieties found anywhere in India, Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Years ago, most determined Indica-lovers traveled to Pakistan, then across the Afghan border and into 'hashish country' Heights Hindu Kush, a place located between Chitral and Mazar-i-Sharif, to search pure, unaltered local seeds, which could be taken home to cultivate the Afghanica of their dreams.

A safer and more cost-effective option is to get a package of Afghani # 1 Sensi Seeds Bank.
Anyone looking for a indoor variety, of easy and compact growth, capable of copious yields and an almost-frightening resin production needs to look no further.

From beginners to breeders will succeed with this strain, and growers who bring out the full potential of Afghani # 1 Seeds Sensi place it among the best original Indicas to be found.

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  • Genetics: Afghani
  • Composition:: 95% Indica - 5% Sativa
  • Flowering Indoor: 45 days
  • Outdoor Harvest: End of September/Beginning of October
  • Approximate height:: 1 to 3 meters
  • THC: 12%-16%
  • CBD: Medio/Moyen/Average
10 Seeds
50,00 €
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