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Feminized cannabis seeds

Afgooey - Strain Hunters

Afgooey - Strain Hunters

The Afgooey comes from the north of California. Strain Hunters was the first doing a clone with this plant and crossing itself (S1) and getting feminized cannabis seed of this variety.
The Afgooey is a strong and vigorous cannabis plant, gruesas and tupida branches, the leaves are gruesas and dark green, it accepts high levels of EC and is ideal to any kind of cultive. You can grow it with SoG and Scrog methods. It produces big compact buds fulled of resin. They are plants which get off hard aroma in flowering, so indoors cultive, you will have to use anti-aroma systems.
The Afgooey can produce up, in good conditions, 0.9 gr/w with HPS light bulbs 1000 w, and outdoors with big size plants up 1000 gr each plant.
The Afgooey's efect is very hard, fast and durable. The cerebral effect is confusing, EMBRIAGADOR and almost caothic.
The Afgooey's flavour reminds to typical afgan variety from old school with a fruty hint. At the beginning is TERROSO but it becomes sweety. You feel orange and lemon cytric flavour and also tropical fruits.
This variety is considered as a medical cannabis variety and is ideal against  depression and APATIA. 


  • Genetics: Afgan x Maui Haze
  • Composition:: 70% Indica-30% Sativa
  • Flowering Indoor: 8 weeks
  • Indoor production: 0,9 gr/w. with 1000w lamp
  • Outdoor production: 1 Kg/plant
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