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Bio Neem 30ml/100ml prot-eco


Bio Neem is a biodegradable, biodegradable neem extract that works against different families of insects and mites harmful to marijuana plants, whether larvae or adults, such as the red spider, whitefly, thrips, aphids, mites, Larvae of caterpillar, etc ...

Bio Neem does not affect beneficial insects like ladybugs, worms, bees, etc ...

Bio-Neem promotes the biological processes of defense of the own plant and has a strong fortifying and repellent action against attacks of fungi like Mildiu, Botrytis, Roya or others.

Dosing and application of Bio Neem:
Bio-Neem can be used in both spraying and irrigation, preventive or curative.

- Application Foliar (spraying): to mix of 1 to 2ml of bio neem per liter of water, pulverizes the mixture by the whole plant (leaves, flowers and back of the leaves). Apply in low light hours.

- Radicular application (Irrigation): mix 2 to 3ml per liter of water and water the plants with the mixture. Apply in low light hours.

In advanced stage of pests or diseases it is recommended to combine BIO NEEM + ESENCIALPROT, with this combination we will achieve greater penetration in the parts of more difficult access.

It is recommended to stop applying the product for 10 to 15 days before harvesting.

Containers: 30ml / 100ml

Price 30ml
7,90 €
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