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Big Tooth - Strain Hunters

Big Tooth - Strain Hunters

The Big Tooth of Strain Hunters is the cross between an afgan with a Hawaiana Sativa and a Nepal. The result is a MUY TUPIDA plant that grows very fast and is vigorous, resistant to PLAGAS and low temperatures.
The Big Tooth performance in indoors cultive is 0.9 gr/w with HPS lamps 1000 w. And outdoors cultive with 9-10 weeks for flowering, that we were in the middle of October, and with big plants we reached 1kg each plant.
It's an indicosativa variety and Big Tooth's buds grow in an irregular way taking pear form and they are fulled of resin with a PENETRANTE and complex aroma.
Tat the begginins, the Big Tooth's effect is relaxing, because its indica dominance it goes up going after to a sativa efect which will provoke laughter.
The Big Tooth is considered as medical cannabis and it is used to stimulate appetite and also as antidepresive.


  • Genetics: Afgan x Hawai Sativa x Nepal
  • Composition:: 60% Indica-40% Sativa
  • Flowering Indoor: 8-9 Weeks
  • Outdoor Harvest: Middle of October
  • Indoor production: 0,9 gr/w. with 1000w lamp
  • Outdoor production: 1000 gr/plant
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