Growth Fertilizer

Bio Grow (growth) 5L

Bio Grow 5L

Bio Grow (growth) of Biobizz, is a liquid fertilizer applicable to most types of soil and soil mixtures. Bio Grow activates the bacterial flora of the substrates through the base of Dutch sugar beet 100% organic, commonly known as beet vinasse.

Molasses is a thick liquid product derived from the sugar cane and from the sugar beet. Its appearance is similar to honey but has a very dark brownish color. Wheat starch is another important material for ethanol production. Before being fermented, the starch is converted into glucose with the aid of enzymes. Its high content of betaine helps to activate the micro activity of the soil through a process of ecological fertilization.

Bio Grow contains 70 trace elements and B1, B2, C and E vitamins. As all products Biobizz, has a low content of phosphates, which are considered harmful to our bodies and the environment.

Price 5L.
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