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Biobizz Bio Heaven 250ml

Bio Heaven

Bio Heaven of BioBizz, is a highly concentrated energy enhancer that contains organic stimulants carefully selected, for example, the aminoacids. The aminoacids are a basic component in the development of the proteins and enzymes that are essential for the structure and metabolism of the plant. The powerful L-amino acids that the Bio Heave contains, are extracted from organic soybeans and other organic protein sources via enzymatic hydrolysis and fermentation. This process ensures that the amino acids are extracted in the L-form, the only absorbed and utilized by plants.

A part from amino acids, Bio Heaven contains naturally aged humus, one of the most versatile earth components. This component, in combination with other active ingredients of Bio Heaven increases extremely the quantity of minerals in the soil. Typically, the percentage of minerals is around 5 to 10%, Bio Heaven components can increase it to 95%.

Bio Heaven increases the quantity and quality of harvest by improving moisture retention, stimulation of the enzyme systems that increase the plant's respiration and facilitating a rapid and complete absorption of basic nutrients. It also stimulates the anti-oxidant system of the plant, the release of accumulated toxins, repairs the  chlorophyll and it is re-stimulating in general.

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