Cana Wipes

CanaWipes are wipes for cleaning hands, tools and surfaces in a few seconds.

How To use Can-a-wipes:

Body or hands:
Reduce odors: Can-A-Wipes help remove the smells that you’d rather not experience on yourself.
Remove resin: Resin all over your hands after a long day of trimming? Get rid of it quick and easy.
Remove oil: Don’t let oils and greases ruin your hands. Can-A-Wipes keeps your skin clean and moisturizes at the same time.
Remove dirt: Getting dirty never felt better. With Can-A-Wipes at your side, dirt is no longer a nuisance—just wipe it away!

Reduce odors: Kitchen a bit fishy? Can-A-Wipes combats that on any surface without using harsh chemicals.
Remove resin: Resins can be extremely tough to remove. Can-A-Wipes takes resin off of glass pipes and anywhere else it gets!
Remove oil: Drips are no longer collateral damage. Fight back with a quick wipe down from Can-A-Wipes.
Remove dirt: Use Can-A-Wipes for a quick clean in one simple motion: just wipe and throw the towel away. No rinsing or drying required.

Reduce odors: Certain smells following you around? Your tools might be the culprit. Clean them up with Can-A-Wipes!
Remove resin: Unwanted resins can ruin your tools over time. If you’re manicuring plants, take care of those tools!
Remove oil: Oil and grease on your tools only makes the next job just as dirty as this one. Clean tools quick before you regret it!
Remove dirt: Dirt is unavoidable and only serves to lessen the effectiveness of tools over time. Don’t give it a second thought: get rid of it right away.

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