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Autoflowering marijuana plants come from the ruderalis cannabis from Eastern Europe. This species are very resistent to cold and they are fast-flowering. However, they have a very low THC level and they can not be cloned.

Nowadays auto-flowering plants are being crossed with other normal varieties to obtain a best production and higher THC levels.

Autoflowering seeds do not depend on photoperiod and do not respond to the day / night light cycle. However they automatically start blooming three or four weeks after the seeds germinate.

The complete cycle from germination to harvest can last between 50 and 100 days, depending on the variety you choose. The best time to grow outdoors is from March to August, in temperate zones. Keep in mind that when planting from July to August it is best to plant varieties of approximately 60 days until harvest to avoid the cold and rain of autumn and to achieve a good harvest.

Indoor cultive it is recommended to grow in continuous periods of 18 or 20 hours a day,  from germination to harvest. It is enough to use pots between 10 and 15 liters, indoors and outdoors.

From TheMariaShop we offer different  automatic varieties of marijuana seeds from the best seed banks.

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