COCO MIX (Bio Bizz) 50L

Substrate for plants

Biobizz - Coco Mix (50L)

Descriptive of COCO MIX 50L

Coco Mix Biobizz, is probably the best product 100%  coconut fiber organic in the market. It can be used in combination with special nutrients that contain plant-sourced minerals. Several studies have shown that coconut fiber is still a wasted product of the coconut industry which is ideal for plant growth. For it to be usable, it must first decompose over a period of time allowing the fibers to soften. It is then washed and shredded to become the substrate we all know.

Coconut fiber consists of much air and little water; PH can drop to 5 or 6. Biobizz Coco Mix should be used in all hydroponics  by filling small containers and treating them as a conventional nature in substitution of stone wool. It has a high capacity to absorb water and nutrients. Biobizz Coco Mix can also be used to reactivate Biobizz All Mix and other soil mixtures as it improves aeration and nutrient absorption. Potting with Coco Miix of Biobizz is an increasingly popular method. Growers who prefer to adopt more environmentally friendly techniques use Coco Mix Biobizz in combination with their usual fertilizer  A + B, or preferably with Biobizz products for best results.

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