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Armario de Cultivo Completo 60cm x60 cm

Complete grow tent kit 60

Descriptive of complete grow tent kit 60

Complet Grow Tent Kit 60, this Complet kit for growing plants indoor include:

- Hortigarden Growing Tent 60: measures 60 x 60 x 160 cm.

- Lighting Kit 200w Complete CFL:
- Low consumption bulb 200w Pure Light CFL ..
- Basico Stuco aluminum reflector.
- Cable with universal plug and 1.5m cable without plug.
- Easy rollers pulleys: Allow to adjust the height of the reflector easily.

- Air Extractor: 100 mm diameter, capacity 160 m3 / h, to dissipate the heat.

- Active Carbon Filter: diameter 100 mm, flow rate 160 m3/h, to neutralize odors.

- Air Intractor: diameter 100 mm, capacity 90 m3 / h, fresh air.

- Digital termo-hygrometer: It indicates temperature and humidity, maximum and minimum records.

- Flexible ducting aluconnet: 3 meters x 102 mm. diameter.

- Square Plastic Pots:
- 3 Pots of 1 litter.
- 3 pots of 11 litters.

- Water collecting dishes: 3 plates of 22cm x 22cm for pot up to 11 liters.


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