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Germination of cannabis seeds

How germinate marijuana seeds?

How germinate marijuana seeds? It is a question many debutantes are made in the world of cannabis ... Well, there are many ways to germinate seeds.

In this section we show you a very reliable method and for us the best of how to make these so tiny seeds become big and strong plants.

To marijuana seeds can germinate properly you need specific parameters such a good moisture level, an ideal temperature and darkness.

¿ It is necessary any material for good germination? In general, to germinate the seeds, we don't need anything fancy, we'd need 2 dishes, kitchen towels, water spray, tweezers and especially the seeds!

¡Let's go germinate our seeds!

-Step nº1 : put three napkins kitchen paper over a plate and we moisten with the spray , iit doesn't have to be flooded, just wet !

1er pas germination des graines 1 pas germination des graines

-Step nº. 2 : Lay down the plate to make sure that there isn't too much water and with the help of tweezers put the seeds on top of wet paper (we can put the number of seeds we want).

2 pas germination des graines 2 pas germination des graines

Step Nº. 3 : put three more napkins kitchen paper over the seeds and re- moisten them with the spray ! (Just moisten).

3 pas germination des graines 3 pas germination des graines

-Step Nº. 4 : cover with another plate so no light could enter and especially so that moisture is kept, we will ensure that the paper is wet quite often and if we see that the napkins begin to dry we moisten again with the spray. Room temperature must be around 21 - 24Cº.

4 pas germination des graines 4 pas germination des graines

Step Nº. 5 : After 24 hours, lift the plate and back to wet napkins, back to cover the plate and leave 24 more hours (or until seeds germinate).


5 pas germination des graines 5 pas germination des graines

- Step No. 6 : We remove the top plate and raised napkins carefully, et voila !! We have our germinated seeds!


6 pas germination des graines 6 pas germination des graines

Attention! The germination process usually lasts between 36-48 hours and once germinated seeds will need his first transplant. So have prepared the substrate that you go to use, either earth, coco, Rockwool, etc…

First Transplant
Once the seeds germinated we will proceed to the first transplant, we advice to those who cultivate land, to use peat pellets and to the hydroponics growers, in small cubes of rock wool.

Transplant peat pellets:
We soak the peat pellets, we see that the pills began to fatten. Once they have reached their full size, we drain them to ensure that there is no water excess, make a hole in the mob to enter right the root.


Hidratation des pastilles de tourbe pastilles de tourbe hidratées

With tweezers will place the seeds in peat with the root down (we can do it with hands but be careful not to touch the roots with fingers). You don't have to bury a lot of seeds, one centimeter is enough. After placing each seed in its peat with a spoon or a spray, we moisture the substrate well, we place the peat pellets in a mini greenhouse to keep moisture, in an ambient temperature between 21 - 24Cº.


coloque les graines dans la tourbe attendre que sorten les plantes

After 36-48 hours, it will start to grow up our plants peat with their first two leaves (cotyledons). Once baked the cotyledons (first leaves) we will begin the light cycle (18 hours light and 6 hours darkness) or outdoor crops will expose them to the sunlight.


les premiers cotylédons apparentent premier cycle de lumiere

Once the roots begin to leave the mob we will transplant to a more comfortable pot.

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