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Growing marijuana outdoors

Grow marijuana outdoors

Outdoor marijuana cultivation is once a year, with the classic marijuana seeds is from the spring in which marijuana plants are in their growth phase until the summer they begin to bloom, a very important fact to have in Account is the date of harvest that we provide seed banks because depending on the area where we live and due to the weather can be planted certain varieties of marijuana seeds, marijuana seeds are currently on the market with a very early bloom, ready To harvest in early and mid-September.

Cultivate marijuana autoflowering outdoors

At this time the seed banks have created automatic marijuana seeds that are a variety that you can plant and harvest quickly, the best time to plant this variety is from May to mid July, although you can also plant in March but yields will not be The same being the shorter days. They are a variety that to more hours of Sun more production you will get and you will be able to reap them quickly, they are seeds of marijuana that from the moment of its germination and depending on the variety take from 7 to 12 weeks to be harvested, if you live in temperate countries and sunny You could grow them until autumn but in greenhouses due to the temperature drop that occurs at that time. Due to its short phase of growth it is advisable to use marijuana fertilizers starting with a root stimulator and growth fertilizer as it is a plant that starts very soon to flower then we will pass to the flowering fertilizer and a few weeks later to a flowering booster To get the most out of these automatic cannabis plants.

Cultivate marijuana cuttings outdoors

There are different options for growing marijuana clones outdoors at different times and even out of season.

Make a complete outdoor cycle by removing the marijuana cutting outdoors at the end of May early June which is the time of plant growth by the intense sun days and depending on the variety will begin to bloom when the days are shortened and will A cycle like a marijuana seed.

In places of temperate climates and with enough sunlight in which Autumn and Winter are not very cold there are two options:

To remove marijuana plants already grown from clones or seeds of the interior depending on the size we give there will be more or less production we will take them out in the month of February in case they are Sativa varieties and in the month of March if The variety is Indica, in these months the light photoperiod is shorter for this reason the plants will start to bloom and harvest before mid-May, usually are times of low temperatures ideally put in greenhouses until the temperature increases .

The marijuana clones you can put them in greenhouse in Autumn of these we will get small plants because to take them to the greenhouse they will begin to bloom in a little time for that reason the ideal is to give a growth in interior and asin we will have plants of marijuana great and ready to flourish and will be translated In higher production, these plants will usually harvest between November and December.

In outdoor cultivation it is ideal to use marijuana fertilizers either mineral or biological from growth with root stimulators to flowering by adding booster, in order to have healthy and strong marijuana plants and to get maximum performance from them.

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