Guano Kalong Bloom

Guanokalong has created Kalong Bloom which is a 100% organic liquid flowering fertilizer with which we will obtain bud production and will respect and improve the final product of the plants both in aroma and flavor.

The Guanokalong manure is 100% natural and consists of bat guano, the organic materials contained guarantee the release of nutrients, stimulates the microorganisms present in the substrate and is not aggressive with the roots due to its low salt content.

Guanokalong is the first manufacturer of fertilizers for marijuana using guano or bat manure.

Guanokalong is a fertilizer for cannabis for lovers of organic cultivation and with Kalong Bloom you will give your plants everything necessary in the flowering phase to obtain a good yield and quality in the cultivation of marijuana.

With Guanokalong you can grow both on land and in coconut.

13,50 €
Venta de Semillas de marihuana

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