Kalong Grow

The company Guanokalong offers us to start the cultivation of our plants the Kalong Grow liquid is a fertilizer for natural marijuana that comes from the guano of bat, is for the phase of growth in which you will have a strong and big plants in a short time at the same time Which strengthens the roots, which makes it a plant resistant to pests and other agents cannabis.

Guanokalong is ideal for organic cultivation indoors and outdoors and can be used in soil and coconut.

The organic materials contained in Guanokalong Grow guarantee the controlled release of nutrients, stimulates the life of microorganisms present in the substrate and is not aggressive to the roots due to low salt rates.

With Guanokalong Grow you can start to grow your plants in a 100% natural way and start your organic cultivation vigorously and quickly.

13,50 €
Venta de Semillas de marihuana

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