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Guanokalong is an organic fertilizer brand for cannabis, its composition comes from the bat’s guano that is totally organic, the reason is that bats have to look for their own foods, ripe fruits and healthy insects that are in the jungle where humans have never had influence, with the help of Guano kalong we can enjoy this organic fertilizer for marijuana getting an exceptional harvest and respecting the quality of the final product of the plants such as aroma and flavor.


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The company Guanokalong offers us to start the cultivation of our plants the Kalong Grow liquid is a fertilizer for natural  that comes from the guano of bat, is for the phase of growth in which you will have a strong and big plants in a short time at the same time Which strengthens the roots, which makes it a plant resistant to pests and other agents.

Guanokalong is ideal for organic cultivation indoors and outdoors and can be used in soil and coconut.

The organic materials contained in Guanokalong Grow guarantee the controlled release of nutrients, stimulates the life of microorganisms present in the substrate and is not aggressive to the roots due to low salt rates.

With Guanokalong Grow you can start to grow your plants in a 100% natural way and start your organic cultivation vigorously and quickly.

13,50 €

Guanokalong has created Kalong Bloom which is a 100% organic liquid flowering fertilizer with which we will obtain production and will respect and improve the final product of the plants both in aroma and flavor.

The Guanokalong manure is 100% natural and consists of bat guano, the organic materials contained guarantee the release of nutrients, stimulates the microorganisms present in the substrate and is not aggressive with the roots due to its low salt content.

Guanokalong is the first manufacturer of fertilizers for using guano or bat manure.

Guanokalong is a fertilizer for lovers of organic cultivation and with Kalong Bloom you will give your plants everything necessary in the flowering phase to obtain a good yield and quality in the cultivation.

With Guanokalong you can grow both on land and in coconut.

13,50 €

Guanokalong taste improver is a 100% natural fertilizer for the cultivation of containing guano or bat manure.

Guanakalong perfectly improves the soil and is produced with natural means, adds enzymes and micronutrients, which are absorbed immediately by the plant.

Guanakalong Extract is a supplement to the plant, accelerates flowering, ripening and root structure, provides resistance against bacteria.

The Guanokalong fertilizer can be used by adding it once a week to the irrigation water in both the indoor and outdoor organic cultivation and can be used either in the cultivation of soil, coconut or rock wool

11,50 €

Guanokalong Powder is a 100% organic fertilizer that contains guano or bat manure and is absorbed by the plant very easily.

Guanokalong powder gives the plant an acceleration in the structuring of the roots, in the flowering and maturation of the fruits.

Guanokalong makes the plants more resistant against bacteria and can be used in indoor or outdoor organic crops.

12,90 €

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