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Guerrilla's Gusto - Sensi Seeds

Guerrilla's Gusto - Sensi Seeds

This big, beautiful strain was developed and tested in northern Spain over several years. Guerrilla's Gusto was created from an unusual combination of  different indicas from the north and the south. The North Indian cannabis is a Classic Indica, while the less well known varieties of the South are distinctly tropical with strong Sativa qualities.

To give taste to this hybrid and a chance to their descendants  to flourish in colder climates, it was paired with several well-known parent  Sensi Seeds plants for their ability to convey strength and vigor. Naturally, Skunk was an obvious choice, but there are other very interesting (and perhaps surprising) elements in the final version of the  Guerrilla's Gusto variety, which are combined to give you more power than its low price would suggest. The final and acclimatised version of Sensi Seeds Bank Hybrid Hindi emerged as bigger, faster and stronger than expected and that's how it was recommended as a variety for guerrilla growers.

In the spring, once the seedlings have become established plants, Guerrilla's Gusto may be sown outdoors in a sunny place and simply be left alone. Whereas the plant must have good soil and access to a reliable water source. It needs little or no care for the rest of the growing season.

This is a big, strong variety which can reach an impressive height, especially when left to grow unhindered throughout the outdoor season.

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  • Composition:: 10% SATIVA - 90% INDICA
  • Flowering Indoor: 50-65 days
  • Outdoor Harvest: Middle of September
  • Approximate height:: 2 to 3 meters
10 Seeds
25,00 €
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