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House & Garden is a fertilizer brand for deutch cannabis and it has a huge range of products, it’s a brand for professionals, really recongnized and with a high status worldwide.

Here we will offer you a little selection to cultive in land in a very easy and practice way, getting so good results in production and with quality in the final product. 


Buy House and Garden Nutrients

House & Garden Soil A + B, is a basic nutrient with a unique composition to cultivate on land and serves both in the growing and flowering phases.

Soil A + B by House & Garden is an essential element and of high value liquid trace elements, this nutrient works quickly and efficiently and guarantees the maintenance of the soil structure.

The nutrients House & Garden are composed in such a way that the plant grows and flowers perfectly.

Presentation: Soil A 1 L. + Soil B 1 L.

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18,90 €

House-Garden Stimulator 1, is a root stimulator with which you can obtain an extensive and healthy structure of the main roots and their whole.

With the use of the Stimulator 1 stimulator, the plant will absorb all the nutrients we apply and will be significantly improved, strengthened and protected against the possible influence of other agents and the deterioration caused by bacteria, viruses and fungi.

Stimulator 1 House & Garden, improves the immediate soil part to the roots, so beneficial enzymes, bacteria and fungi can develop their properties in this way the plant is in an optimal state to absorb all the nutrients through its roots and with more speed.

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12,00 €

House & Garden PK 13-14 gives plants very important elements such as phosphorus and potassium, which is ideal for plants in the flowering phase.

Phosphorus is necessary for the formation of roots influencing respiration and photosynthesis, is essential for the transport of energy and plays a very important role in the flowering and maturation of plants.

Potassium is necessary for the absorption and transport of nutrients in the plant, regulates the opening and closing of the stomata and is also very important for the resistance and quality of the plant also exerts a beneficial action on the emission of moisture from the leaves And maturation.

The House & Garden PK 13/14 booster provides the plants in the flowering period with all these benefits and the final results are translated into abundant crops and of great quality.

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13,00 €

Shooting Powder by House & Garden is a flowering stimulator for plants, it can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Thanks to its packaging in sachets, Shooting Powder is one of the most easy to use flowering enhancer.

These envelopes have become the secret of professional growers, with your crops increasing visibly (the one who tries it no longer changes again).

Shooting Powder can be combined with any basic fertilizer, meaning if you already have the flowering fertilizer and what you are looking for is one of the best flowering stimulators, Shooting Powder is one of them.

1 - 2 sachets per 100 liters of water / 0.6 grams to 1.3 grams per liter of water

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Price 65GR.
10,00 €



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