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Growing marijuana indoors

Cannabis indoor cultive are every time most frequently because of its discretion and because it allows to cultivate cannabis all the year.

How cultive indoor cannabis?
This is one of the most common question. In this manual about cultive we'll try all your questions be resolved. To be able to cultive indoor cannabis plants it's necessary create a microclima, attune a temperature, humidity and renewal air in the growing space for them to grow and develop their full potential. Over the years it is more evolved formulas and systems to grow marijuana.


culture interieur de cannabis 1 culture interieur de cannabis 2

In our indoor cultive catalog you'll fine all the necessary material to can fit the necessary parameters and create your own autocultive.

Parameters and conditions to cultive indoor cannabis:


Lighting : 18 hours (light) / 6 hours (dark)
Light temperature : between 21 - 26 °C
Unlit temperature : 19 °C and 21 °C Between
Humidity: Min: 55 % - Max: 75 %

Lighting : 12 hours (light) / 12 hours (dark)
Light temperature : between 21 - 26 °C
Unlit temperature : 19°C and 21°C Between
Humidity: Min: 45% - Max: 55%

What kind of material do you need to cultivate indoor cannabis?
The first we will need it will be create or buy a cultive cupboard, to control easier the air conditions and respect lighting hours and darkness, so in the darkness phase they can't expose themself to any kind of light, either if this light comes from a phone, flashlight or lighter, etc... They could provoke stress in plants and this effect could turn them in hermaphrodite. The only way to see or light plants when they are in darkness phase is with a green light.
In Themariashop you'll find cupboards cultive in different size that they will adapt to your necessary cultive space. You have since the smallest (60X60 cm) until the biggest (240x120 cm).
If you want to do your own cultive cupboard we advise you to cover all the cupboard's sides with reflectant plastic Mylar paper, to obtain the maximum of light diffusion in cultive.

Armario cultivo Dark street 60x60x150 Armario cultivo Dark street 90x90x170 Armario cultivo Dark street 120x120x185 Armario cultivo Dark street 150x150x200 Armario cultivo Pure Tent 240x120x200

Once the cupboard is chosen or made we will have to select the lighting kit which will depend on the area we wish to illuminate, for small spaces we can use CFL light bulbs (low consumption) and the bigger the cupboard base the more power light we’ll have to install to illuminate all the plants. In our online shop you can find lighting prepared kits with different kinds of light bulbs (in our blog you'll find a post where we explain all kind of lamps for cultive) and with different types of reflector (basic stucco, basic smooth, cooltube, adjust the wings, etc...) Then you find a table with the Watts advised by dimension.

Schema Watts par dimention

In our online shop you'll find different lighting kits, with low consumption light bulbs (125w,200w,250w) and kits with sodium lamps in 250w, 400w and 600w.


Éclairage Basse Consommation Kits d'éclairage 250w Kits d'éclairage 400w Kits d'éclairage 600w

Once the illumination system is installed, we well need a ventilation system which allows extract heat emitting lamps culture and thus adjusting the temperature in the growing area. For this we will need two air extractors, one extractor will allow warm air out of growing space and another extractor placed in reverse that will do the function of Intractor which allows to enter air fresh and new for our plants. For this function to renew the air in the growing area we are correct , we will connect both the extractor as Intractor independently an aluminum tube to send one hot outside or outside the room where we have our culture air and the other it is responsible for providing the fresh air from outside the cupboard or cultive area.

extracteurs d'air

Along with air extractors we will need to connect a flexible aluminum tube for driving air to the outside, on the web you will find 102mm , 127mm and 152mm.


Tube aluminium flexible 102mmTube aluconnect 102mm Tube d'aluminum flexible 127mmTube aluconnect 127mm Tube aluminium flexible 152mmTube aluconnect 152mm

And if you are one of the most discreet or want to reduce the extractor's noise, you will also find tube aluminum covered with rock wool ( Sonoconnect ) that decrease the noise of the air from the outlet exhaust their evacuation to the outside.


Tubo aluminio flexible sonoconnect 102mmTube Sonoconnect 102mm Tubo aluminio flexible sonoconnect 102mmTube Sonoconnect 127mm Tubo aluminio flexible sonoconnect 102mmTube Sonoconnect 152mm

Attention! The smell that marijuana plants gets off in the flowering phase is very strong, if you want or need to reduce these aromas we will need to connect an active carbon filter  The activated carbon filters are connected by the flexible aluminum tube and we will use it when the plants begin to give off odor. The carbon filter and extractor air are placed inside the cabin and the flexible aluminum tube is the responsible for getting the air outside.

Montage ventilation en armoires de culture

We have different sizes of active carbon filters, these must have the same diameter mouth that the extractor and the same air flow.


Filtre à charbon actif 102mmActive Carbon Filter 102mm Filtre à charbon actif 127mmActive Carbon Filter 127mm Filtre à charbon actif 152mmActive Carbon Filter 152mm


It exists another system to camouflage the smell of marijuana indoors crops and also it serves as support the carbon filter when they do not neutralize the odor emitted by plants completely. In our online store you will find Ona Gel, this is a product that gives off a fresh smell and does not harm plants.

Ona Gel Fresh linen Ona Gel Fresh Linen Ona Gel Fresh linen 4kgOna Gel Fresh Linen 4kgs


Thermo hygrometres digitalesAbout the humidity if we do not cultive in the correct parameters, the plant in the growth phase will grow slowly, which will length the period of growth and we will lose a lot of time and money because electricity consumption will be higher. Moreover, another disadvantage is that the internodes are longer, reducing the number of branches in plants (which make us lose in production). In this case we must adapt to the cultive an air humidifier which is an appliance that will be filled with water and will dispense a cold steam with a potentiometer, we will increase moisture and help the temperature goes down. In the case of excess moisture we will need a dehumidifier, this unit is responsible for absorbing moisture from the air turning it to liquid, (just the opposite of the humidifier). Pay close attention in the flowering phase because an excessive moisture would cause the loss of harvest botrytis (a fungal disease).

Humidificateurs d'air

Once all the material installed, we just need to choose the type of crop and soil that we will use.
For crops on land we will use pots square black plastic, for the first phase of cultivation we will begin with pots between 1 to 3 liters, and once again grown our plants we advise transplant them into a more comfortable pot, of a size between 7 to 11 liters.


Pot Plastique carrée 1LPots 1L Pot Plastique carrée 3LPots 3L Pot Plastique carrée 6LPots 6L Pot Plastique carrée 7LPots 7L Pot Plastique carrée 11LPots 11L

Once we have the flowerpots, we will choose a good substrate, such as the Light Mix Mix or All Mix.


All mixAll Mix (Biobizz)

Light Mix 50 litresLight Mix (Biobizz)

If you don't want to cultivate on land, in the web you will find different complete hydroponic systems, such as Wilma in which balls can grow with expanded clay or rock wool.

Syteme Hydroponique Wilma 4Wilma 4 Syteme Hydroponique Wilma 10
Wilma 10

Another of the most important parts of the crop is plant nutrition , it means , the fertilizers and additives. The main and essential are based fertilizers for growth and bloom. In the growth phase we could also use root stimulators and other additives that help our plants to develop better and more easily. With the flowering phase is exactly the same , there are many stimulators and additives along with the base fertilizer that will cause your plants to produce the maximum!
Marques de fertilisants et additifs
Another factor to take into account is the control of pH and EC of water, to control and regulate the pH of the water will help your plants to better absorb nutrients . The neutral pH (6.0 - 6.5 ) is ideal for cannabis plants .
Moreover with the EC meter, we will control all the time the nutrients brought to plants, it measures the level of fertilizers on the water. In this way we can contribute to our plants the maximum subscription and get the best performance.


Testeur EC digitalDigital EC Metter Testeur pH digitalDigital pH Metter

How to place the material culture in the closet?
Here you have in images, step by step the installation material in a culture closet!

Step 1: Assembling the closet cultivation, the cabinet has three holes, one for the extractor tube exit, another to enter the Intractor and other small to pass the cables.
Montage de l'armoire de culture de cannabis, 1
Step 2: We assemble the air extractor and flexible aluminum tube that will lead the hot air to the outside, the sense of air has to go as indicated by the arrow.Montage de l'armoire de culture de cannabis, 2
Step 3: We will connect the activated carbon filter to the extractor, Attention! This is the way to put it, but we don't use it until the flowering phase.
Montage de l'armoire de culture de cannabis, 3

Step 4: We will place the Intractor air in the lower opening of the closet, and next to it a flexible aluminum tube to introduce fresh air to the cupboard.Montage de l'armoire de culture de cannabis, 4
Step 5: Connect all the lighting system, first put the pulleys (Easy Rollers), then we hang the aluminum reflector, we pass the wires through the small hole to let the transformer outside the cupboard and we connect the cables.
Montage de l'armoire de culture de cannabis, 5Step 6 : Place the Thermo-hygrometer and control the temperature , at this point before placing the plants we will graduate cultive parameters. If it was very hot we would play with the speeds extractor and focus height. If missing moisture we would place a humidifier and if there was too much moisture we would place a dehumidifier.
Montage de l'armoire de culture de cannabis, 6
Once we have already controlled the climate which cannabis plants need we can begin to germinate seeds.
When the seeds are germinated , we will pass them to the substrate ( soil or rock wool) .
- Once  the first pair of leaves are out (cotyledons ) , we will begin the light cycle .
- When the plants reach the third floor of leaves we will transplant to a larger pot , about 3 liters. And we begin to use fertilizers and additives.
- We will make a last transplant before moving plants to the flowering stage , this time we suggest that the pot is minimum 7 liters and the most indicated is 11 liters.
- We will keep the growth period to achieve the desired or desirable height to crop  high, taking into account that sativa varieties grow more in height than Indica varieties. Marijuana plants in flowering phase double their height; example: we change light cycle from 18 hours to 12 hours, the plants make 30 cm , at the end of the flowering plants may have reached 60cm or more.

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