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Air Humidifiers

In this section you will find different air humidifiers, the humidifiers are a fundamental piece in the spaces of cultivation. Moisture is a really important factor in growing growth spaces, mother plants and cuttings, in this type of spaces moisture levels must be quite high.

Ultrasonic humidifiers are very simple to use and thanks to them we will get a more vigorous growth and much more profitable results.

Air humidifiers:

VDL Ultrasonic Humidifier Mistmaker is ideal for increasing humidity in indoor crops, one of the most important factors for growing, if we have a high level of humidity in the growth phase between 70% and 80%, our plants will grow faster and in the flowering phase the ideal level of humidity is between 50% and 55%.

This humidifier uses the electric oscillations in ultrasonic frequencies, the ceramic component converts the electric oscillations into mechanics ones which it creates a mist or cold mist, also this oscillation produces negative ions, which help to regenerate the air and with the humidity, they increase humidity of indoor cultivation.

With the Mistmaker Humidifier it also includes the buoy floating and the anti-splashobject.
How to use: use a big container to fill it 80% aprox of osmosis or bottled water, do not use tap water, put the humidifier on the floating buoy with the anti-splash and introduce it into the water container and plug it into the mains.

24,00 €

VDL 4 liters Ultrasonic humidifer, the humidity is a very important factor for our indoor plants, with this humidifier you can solve the problems of lack of moisture and get the most out of your plants.

It has a 4 liters capacity and has a selector of power to adjust the level of humidity to our needs, cold vapor and 360º addressable.

39,00 €

VDL air humidifer or The Pure Factory air  8 Liters ultrasonic of cold steam  with 360º addressable diffuser. It has an 8 liter tank and an analogue selector to adjust the humidity required in the growing cupboards.
An integrated safety system warns with a blue light that the water tank of the humidifier is empty.

Its humidification capacity is 380 ml / h., So it can humidify 15 hours continuously.
Measures: 320 mm x 250 mm x 250 mm.
It is made of good quality materials, the water tank is made of hard plastic and non-porous, making it very easy to clean.

49,00 €

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