IGUANA JUICE GROW (Growth Fertilizer)

Organic Iguana Juice Grow-Advanced Nutrients
Advanced Nutrients amazes us with this growing formula completely new, 100% organic all-in-one hand and totally soluble.

The Iguana Juice contains a fish from the icy waters of Pristine, located in the far North Pacific. It contains over 70 minerals, krill extract, yucca and alfalfa and different types of volcanic ash.

The Iguana Juice Grow has been thoroughly tested and proven to give exceptional growth during the vegetative phase. It has so impressive yields that it can be compared to the legendary 2 + formula.

The Iguana Juice Grow is a powerful organic mixture that promotes the development of strong branches, a large and healthy root system, a rapid growth and short internodes, preparing the plant for a spectacular flowering cycle.

15,50 €
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