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These insecticides are prepared to fight naturally aphids, mites, whiteflies, spider mites and other pests that can be found in our marijuana plants growing both indoors and outdoors.

COMMON PESTS: One of the most common pests that cause serious problems found in indoor plants are the red spider and mites.

A clue to distinguish the red spider of the mites is that the spider has 8 legs and insects have six.

The mites are so tiny that are very difficult to locate without the help of a magnifying glass or a microscope. These are usually found in the back of the leaf and in order to feed they suck vital fluids. Just like mites, the red spider places itself in the back of the sheet. The red spider is a tiny spot and leaves a visible yellowish trace on top of the sheet. It is advisable to spray the plant with water because then we can see the presence of tiny spider webs on the stems and under the leaves when the plague progresses.

Prevention is important in these cases, the first step to control the pests is to clean and keep clean the grow room as well as the utensils that are used. Mother plants often have mites so it is advisable to spray them with miticides such as ProtectKiller  or Skunk Neen, including a three days application before taking cuttings.

It is also advisable to check the temperature of the growing area because the red spider is developed in a dry climate between 21-27 ° C. It reproduces every 5 days if the temperature exceeds 27 degrees Celsius. If despite all, the red spider appears it is recommendable to reduce the temperature to 16 ° C. You must then spray the leaves with a stream of cold water to expel the red spiders from the leaves, this way their  reproductive cycle slows down and we have a chance to eliminate them before cause more damage.

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