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Lamps for indoor marijuana cultivation

¿Which are the ideal light bulbs for indoor cultive?

They are lamps which will give to the plants the kind of light they need, depending on the cycle phase where we are (growth or flowering).
So, we will find different types: metal halide lamps, sodium high pression lamps, mixt lamps, low consume lamps (CFL); we will difference them by their shape and color when they are turned on.

Bomilla MHMetal halide light bulbs
Bombilla HPSSodium high pression light bulb (Hps)
Bombilla CFL (Bajo consumo)low consume light bulb (CFL)


Metal Halide lamps   

These light bulbs are ideals for the cannabis cultive during the growing phase, when you turn them on, the light's colour is blue.
The metal halide lamps have to be connected to a transformer to work correctly. The transformer must go always according to the bulb to use, it means, with a 400w lamp we will use a 400w ballast.
The use of this bulbs during the growth period will supose us a fast and well development to the cannabis plants.

In our online store you'll find bulbs to the 250w, 400w, 600w's growth...               

  Visible light (Lumenes)

Colour of temperature (K)

Useful life (Hours)
Pure Light 250w Growth 19000lm 4600K 6000h
Philips 250w Growth 19000lm 4600K 6000h
Sylvania 250w Growth 21000lm 4500K 6000h
Pure Light 400w Growth 35000lm 4500K 6000h
Philips 400w Growth 35000lm 4500K 6000h
Sylvania 400w Growth 40000lm 4200K 6000h
Solux 600w Growth 50000lm 4500K 6000h
Sunmaster 600w Growth 50000lm 4600K 8000h


Bombillas Philips Bombillas Sylvania Bombillas Solux bombillas SunMaster


Sodium high pression lamps (HPS)

With this lamps we will do all the cultive flowering phase. They are light bulbs which give an orange light off that is perfect to the plants have an explosive and exhuberant flowering.
In our online store you will find ones of 250w, 400w, 600w... these should be connected to a transformer with their same power. A 600w lamp will be connected to a 600w transformer.
There are many brands in the market, between everyone, we foreground: Philips, Sylvania, Pure light.

  Visible light (Lumenes) Colour of temperature (K)

Useful life (Hours)

Philips 250w Flowering 32.000lm 1.950K 16.000h
Sylvania 250w Flowering 32.000lm 2.050K 16.000h
Pure Light 400w Flowering 48.000lm 1.950K 12.000h
Philips 400w Flowering 55.000lm 1.950K 16.000h
Sylvania 400w Flowering 55.000lm 2.050K 16.000h
Philips 600w Flowering 90.000lm 1.950K 16.000h
Pure Light 600w Flowering 75.000lm 2.050K 16.000h
Sylvania 600w Flowering 90.000lm 2.050K



Bombillas Philips Bombillas Sylvania


They allow us to cultive both in the growth phase and in the flowering phase without changing the bulb. It is a mix between metal halide and high pressure sodium. Mixed sodium bulbs have to be connected to a transformer to work.

The advantage of working with these lamps is the cost savings because only we will need a bulb to carry out the crop from start to finish; although the results will be less abundant than if we use a bulb growth and another flowering one.

  Visible light (Lumenes) Colour of temperature (K)

Useful life (Hours)

Pure Light 250w Mix 32.000lm 2.100K 14.000h
Sylvania 250w Mix (Grolux) 32.000lm 2.050K 18.000h
Pure Light 400w Mix 56.000lm 2.100K 14.000h
Sylvania 400w Mix (Grolux) 58.000lm 2.050K 18.000h
Philips 400w Mix (GreenPower) 58.500lm 2.100K 18.000h
Pure Light 600w Mix 90.000lm 2.100K 14.000h
Sylvania 600w Mix (Grolux) 90.000lm 2.050K 18.000h
Philips 600w Mix (GreenPower) 90.000lm 2.100K 18.000h
Vanguard 600w Mix 90.000lm 2.100K 14.000

Bombillas Philips Bombillas Sylvania Bombillas Vanguard



CFL Lamps (low consume)

Several fluorescent tubes are connected to a single socket. CFL bulbs don't need an apart ballast to work but they take already incorporated. The advantage of these lamps is that their consumption is low and barely give off heat, which is the reason why we can place the bulb very close to our plants.

CFL's use the same diameter socket (E40) and there are three spectrums: blue / white for growth, orange / red to bloom light and mixed bulbs including half of white neon lights and one red half.
We can make use of these bulbs for indoor cultivation in the case of small, ideal spaces for spaces up to 1 m2.
In our online store you will find CFL bulbs 125w, 150w, 200w and 250w.

  Visible light (Lumenes) Colour of temperature (K)
Lamp CFL 125w Mix 6.180lm 2.700 - 6.400K
Lamp CFL 200w Growth 12.000lm 6400K
Lamp CFL 200w Mix 12.000lm 2.700 - 6400K
Lamp CFL 200w Flowering 12.000lm 2.700K
Lamp CFL 250w Mix 14.750lm 2.700 - 6400K

Cuttings armor 55w x2

2.940lm 6400K


Kit Solux Twin 55w x2 Kit 55w Solux 2 neons Kit CFL bajo consumo 200w200w low consume CFL Kit Kit CFL bajo consumo 250w250w low consume’s CFL Kit



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