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Lamps for indoor marijuana cultivation

¿Which are the ideal light bulbs for indoor cultive?

They are lamps which will give to the plants the kind of light they need, depending on the cycle phase where we are (growth or flowering).

So, we will find different types: metal halide lamps, sodium high pression lamps, mixt lamps, low consume lamps (CFL); we will difference them by their shape and color when they are turned on.


New Atmos VICOD 5G Vaporizer

Reaches the new vaporizer themariashop Atmos the " Vicod 5G " !


Ballasts for the cannabis cultive

In this post we talk you about the different kinds of the ballast and about its use in the cannabis cultive.




¿Are you looking for the fastest cannabis varieties for the indoor cultive? Don’t looking for it anymore! In this section we have reunited the best cannabis seeds to a short flowering. Take a look!


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<p style="text-align: justify;">&iquest;Quieres adentrarte en el mundo del autocultivo, pero tienes miedo de que el olor que desprenden las plantas sea demasiado fuerte? O Simplemente has empezado a cultivar y necesitas algo que pueda eliminar el olor de hierba de tu indoor, estas en el post perfecto, vamos a intentar resolver todas tu dudas y tu problema con los olores.</p>


Types of Reflector for indoor cultivation

Nowadays there are several models of light reflector for the cultivation of marijuana plants, in this post we show you the different types of reflectors that you will find in our online store and what each one of them is used for.


New varieties of Dinafem Seeds

Two new varieties of Dinafem Seeds in our catalog of feminized varieties!

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