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Themariashop team we want remember the rolling paper OCB history, since its beginnings until the actuality.

OCB” The three letters of the logo mean history.


“O”, from Odett , a place near the banks of the river Ergué - Gabéric (Finistère) where the first paper was created in 1822 , it was created near the river by the amount of water needed when they had to make paper.

"C" form Cascadec, place where they rented a factory in 1893 to implement another of its paper producers. After 24 years in 1917, they bought the factory.

"B” from Bolloré, is the surname of the founders and leaders of this brand, for six generations they marked the history of papermaking, especially cigarette paper and the OCB.

History of OCB

Year 1822

It was the year in which everything began, the Bollore brothers opened the first paperfactory where they made all kinds of paper. One of its founders was Doctor in medicine and chief surgeon of the Navy, for this reason he traveled a lot, especially to Brazil and the China seas and some tongues say that from there, he brought the secrets of making fine paper, which served them to make the first cigarette paper.


Year 1893

OCB, Cascadec - 1917
That year in Cascadec, the second paper was opened, they rented a big factory to continue their work in making cigarette paper.


Year 1917

Papel con el logo Le Coq Français
It was a great year for the brand. They bought Cascadec factory after 24 years of lease. The fashion cigarette was introduced in France and came to the market the first cigarette paper booklets with the brand "Le coq francais". The Writing paper, cotton paper, muslin paper, etc... They became secondary and they focused all their efforts on cigarette rolling paper.


Year 1918

Si vous les aimez bien roules OCB
All the effort has its result. This year was the birth of the OCB brand. They worked for years to achieve making the thinnest cigarrete paper of the market.


Year 1930

The brand was founded by brothers Bolloré, they made more than 2000 tons of rolls paper, 86 million notebooks paper booklets OCB, 90% of that production was exported to the US that year.


Year 1939

With the advent of the war the factories were closed, only one of them worked 20% of production. Which made it impossible to continue the export to the US. Luckily a year earlier with the help of French engineers they created a huge factory in North Carolina, able to cover all needs of Americans.

Year 1951 and 1960

After the war, several years after their return to work at full capacity, while that they made bigger the installations. The factory had more than 350 employees, it manufactured bible paper, tea bag and duct tape.


Year 1981

One of the two brothers, Vincent Bolloré, became the boss of the familiar factory and he created the Bolloré Technologies business. He did a prestigious Group recognized worldwide and prepared the perfect future for the cigarette paper and the industrial machinery OCB with the necessary kit to work.


Year 1986

The Bolloré Technologies business moved its rolling paper factory to another of its factories in France (Perpignan).

Year 1999
“Releasing OCB Premium”

Releasing the OCB Premium, could it says that the OCB brand won all its prestige thanks to this releasing. It was the first smoke paper extrathin, even transparent.


YEAR 2000, Don Levin, customer of Bolloré Technologies since 1960 and the owner of Repubic Tobacco, buy to Bolloré brothers the OCB brand and the Perpignan factory.
Don Levin gave to the big business all the tools for continue growing.


Year 2004
“Releasing the OCB X-PERT”



YEAR 2009
“Releasing the OCB Organic Hemp”

OCB Organic Hemp


YEAR 2013
“Releasing the OCB Virgin Paper”

OCB Virgin Paper


Year 2015
“Releasing the OCB Ultimate”

OCB Ultimate

The most thinnest rolling paper in the world!


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