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Reflective paper or plastic is responsible for distributing the light emitted by the lighting kits in indoor plant crops. In this section you will find different types of reflective plastic.

Smooth Mylar is a plastic sheet that reflects 99% of the direct light. It is the plastic most  used to line the inside of greenhouses and grow boxes, to obtain a better use of the light. Its diffuse effect of the light is higher than in other types of Mylar, which helps to avoid the harmful hotspots that damage the plants.

It mesures 125 cm width

You will also find Smooth Mylar plastic at

3,00 €

Plastic Mylar antidetection, is a sheet of stucco texture, that reflects the received light in multiple directions, increasing the amount of diffuse light in the greenhouse. One of the sides is made of white polyethylene a thing which gives opacity to the foil. The width mesures1,25 m. In addition, this model is antidetection.

You will also find Plastic Mylar antidetection at

4,50 €

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