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Products to attack the caterpillars in plants of marijuana

The caterpillar is the larva of lepidopteran insects (better known as butterfly). There are more than ten thousand different species of butterflies and caterpillars. Caterpillars often have very bright colours and typically are soft and cylindrical. They eat all kinds of plants, vegetables, etc… what makes them a real enemy for marijuana growers.






Caterpillars plague in crops of cannabis:
This type of pest occurs mostly in foreign counters, and they usually appear in late summer or early autumn.
Pest usually begin when the butterflies lay eggs on the leaves, especially in the upper parts of the plant or bud. When the eggs hatch, the first larvae will appear and also will appear the first signs of the pest (holes in the leaves, abnormally wrinkled leaves, excrement on the leaves, etc).


agujeros causados por orugas

Holes caused by caterpillar

metamorfosis de la oruga

Metamorphoses of the caterpillar

How to combat caterpillars in marijuana plants:
There are several products to combat this type of pest, in our online shop will find the following:



snake killerSnake Killer
super kukulussuperkukulus



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