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The Trips:
They are small and long insects that we will find them throughout the plant . Most part of trips have a thin and light wings, but some species do not have wings. As for the different pests found in cannabis, trips are one of the less aggressive and easier to prevent and combat pests on our crops.

larva de tripTrip larva triptrip

Trips plague in cannabis plants:
Trips are one of the most common plagues in cannabis cultivation , mostly in indoor crops pests, due to the high temperatures . Symptoms of this pest are small holes that we will detect in the leaves caused by trips when they are sucking and where they deposited their eggs.

plaga de tripsTrip plague hoja afectada por trips

Leave affected by trips


How to combat the Trips in cannabis cultivation:
To fight effectively against trips preventively:
- Observe regularly the plants, we can shake sometimes one of the branches above a white sheet and observe with a magnifying glass or microscope what falls.
- Wetting the leaves of plants often because trips detest water!
In a curative way we will use the necessary insecticides to combat this plague, we advise you to replace the first layer of land in the pots to also remove all types of larvae. If the infection is serious, we transplant them in another pot renewing the maximum possible ground without damaging the roots.
There are several products to combat this type of pest, in our online store you will find the following :

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