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Aphid or aphididae is a suborder of insects Hemipteran where whitefly and mealy bug is among others. They are small and unvaried appearance. They are known worldwide as aphids and have nothing to do in any way with the current fleas. Aphids are parasites of flowering plants, and form large colonies on the underside of the leaves and stems of the cannabis plants.
They are small, only a few millimetres. It can be seen with the naked eye but to confirm we can help with a microscope. They are of varied colours mostly green, yellow or smooth black and sometimes blotch. The body is ovoid three regions, head, thorax and abdomen. Within the same species may be wingless (without wings) or winged. In this case it has two pairs of transparent membranous wings erect at rest. These insects secrete by the anus a sugary substance that the ants and bees feeds, these in turn protect aphids from predators such as ladybugs and crisolemas.

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Aphid reproduction
There are two very important biological characteristics of different forms of reproduction of aphids: These are viviparity and heterogonia. Several generations of parthenogenetic females alternate with a anfigonica generation and linked to a polymorphism. They appear when environmental conditions are no longer appropriate. The latter coupled with the exclusivity of many species on the same floor feature makes exist up to twelve different types of biological cycles between aphids.
The cycle of aphids is short and there are two types monoecious-eumonoico if you just need a dioecious plant, and if they need two plants, although sometimes it can happen that by reducing so at one level and is called paramonoico.

Aphid pest in cannabis plants
Aphid pests can become a serious problem in indoor growing of marijuana. They find the ideal temperature and humidity needed to reproduce continually and will bring serious problems that if are not treated, the early harvest will be coming to lose. Outdoor cultivation we find aphids when the temperature is warm.

Symptoms of aphid in the cultivation of cannabis
Aphids feed by sucking system which breaks the tissue of leaves and stems and suck sap from plants, because this plant can catch other diseases.
These insects are easy to see because of their size and for observing the first damage at the plant that will be the yellowed, dry and rough leaves and the appearance of ants by the sugary substance that would put us off aphids on alert.

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How to combat aphids in marijuana plants:
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