ALL MIX bio bizz 50L

Biobizz Soil

ALL MIX bio bizz 50L

All Mix

All Mix Biobizz  is a mixture of highly developed pre-fertilized soil to generate a complete active micro ecosystem with sufficient force to achieve a lush plant growth without requiring any additional fertilizer during the first two weeks.

With All Mix we have a fertile land throughout the year. All we have to do to is provide appropriate conditions.

If you use All Mix BioBizz for the first time, moisten it and let it stand for 36 hours so that the active fertilizer Pre Mix of Biobizz and its microorganisms have the chance to act before inserting the plant. Keep the soil slightly warm at all times, because if the temperature is reduced, the microbial activity is also reduced which difficults the growth of the plant. Leave the substrate dry after each watering because it also needs to breathe.

All Mix Biobizz, available in bags of 20 and 50 liters.

EC = 2,4

PH = 6,6

15,00 €
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