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Rudelaris indica - Sensi Seeds

Rudelaris indica - Sensi Seeds

Ruderalis Indica of Sensi Seeds Bank captures unique flowering properties. It grows wild across Eastern Europe. Through the breeding of psychoactive Indicas from the south, Sensi Seeds Bank has added potency. The result is a robust hybrid, fast-flowering which can be grown in almost any environment. Requiring little equipment other than pots, soil and food, Ruderalis Indica can reward even first-time growers.

Cannabis Ruderalis is noted for the unusual traits which allow it  to reproduce in the short summers and very cold winters of their native countries. Wild Ruderalis seeds can be shed from a female and lie dormant in the soil, surviving in freezing temperatures for several seasons before germinating. In the field, plants can complete their life cycle with a remarkable speed, developing from seedlings into seed-bearing adults in just 10-12 weeks.

Even more interesting, it is an auto-flowering strain, meaning that individual plants bloom according to their age and do not need to be induced by a light changing cicle. The Ruderalis Indica is  the only cannabis strain that can bloom indoors when it is placed near a sunny window.

Ruderalis Indica Sensi Seeds Bank has less THC than most hybrids, but a high proportion of CBD. This means it is ideal for medicinal cannabis users who benefit from the many subtle effects of cannabinoids and prefer not to be overwhelmed by the unsubtle effects of being stoned.

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  • Genetics: RUDELARIS
  • Composition:: 90% INDICA
  • Flowering Indoor: 45-50 days
  • Outdoor Harvest: Beginning of September
  • Outdoor production: 250 gr/plant
  • Approximate height:: 1 to 2 meters
  • THC: 5%-10%
10 Seeds
22,00 €
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