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Jack Herer - Sensi Seeds Bank

Jack Herer - Sensi Seeds Bank

Jack Herer from Sensi Seeds is one of the most famous and awarded varietie in the world of cannabis, this Sativa and Indica cross was created by Jack Herer more than 20 years ago and is considered one of the most influential cannabis activists of all time.

With Jack Herer feminized cannabis seeds we will obtain plants that are very easy to grow with a high size and that produce a large amount of voluminous buds loaded with a lot of resin, the color of these buds can be said to be completely white due to the thick layer of trichomes rich in THC.

This marijuana plant that is a hybrid of four phenotypes of which three are Sativa and one Indica and with a very balanced final result at 50%, has a vigorous growth characteristic of sativas and a production of resin and leafy typical of indica . Depending on the phenotype of Jack Herer Feminized that we obtain, those that are mainly sativa can be harvested between 10 -12 weeks and 8 weeks for the indica domain plants, it does not give off much smell in the crops they go almost unnoticed but when they are cut and put to drying is when the smell increases considerably, this variety of cannabis has been developed for indoor cultivation and to be able to grow it outdoors it has to be in areas with a very hot and sunny climate.

The effect of Jack Herer is very powerful due to its high THC content and balanced, mentally it is very clear and combined with a very pleasant slight relaxation, it is an excellent combination, it is considered a variety of medicinal cannabis, the flavor is intense and it can vary depending on the predominant phenotype, a touch of hash mixed with afghan tones and fruity skunk.

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  • Composition:: SATIVA/INDICA.
  • Flowering Indoor: 70 DAYS.
  • Outdoor Harvest: HIGH.
  • Indoor production: HIGH.
  • Outdoor production: HIGH.
  • Approximate height:: HIGH.
1 seed
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3 seeds
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5 seeds
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10 seeds
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