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Skunk # 1 by Sensi Seeds

Skunk # 1 Marijuana Seeds was the strain that changed cannabis culture, has amazed weed lovers for over a quarter of a century, and can now be found on Sensi Seeds Bank as a high-quality feminized strain.

Growers regard Skunk 1 as the icon of consistent and dependable behaviour, and its strong genotype has influenced hundreds of modern hybrids. The potency of this genealogical branch of the cannabis family is so remarkable that it is often used as a general term for all powerful ganja.

Cultivate Skunk # 1 from Sensi Seeds Bank

The new feminized Skunk # 1 from Sensi Seeds is a marijuana plant that is easy to grow and resistant to diseases and pests. It is a remarkably uniform plant when grown from seeds, they are plants with a consistent structure and regular bud formation. In almost 30 years of experience with the strain, this is the best feminized Skunk 1 ever seen and is ideal for beginning growers. The energy and abundant results of this strain demonstrate the true sense of hybrid vigor.

Growth and flowering are mostly Indica in appearance, although Skunk plants gain more height than pure Indicas when they flower. Flowering is fast and rewarding as it produces sturdy stems and branches to sustain the high yield. Short internodes explode in clusters of dense, round buds, which coalesce into large, heavy tails at harvest time.

Production and flowering of Skunk # 1

Skunk 1 can be grown indoors with artificial lights and is ready to harvest between 45-50 days and with a production of 400-450 gr / m2, due to the strong smell it gives off we must use carbon filters or anti-odor gel, in the outdoor crop is ready to cut between October 7-15 depending on the area and with a production of 650-800 gr / plant, the height of Skunk # 1 is approximately 120-150 cm.

Effect and taste of Skunk # 1

The effect of Skunk is a powerful combination of high and euphoria that gives way to a pleasant relaxation, its aroma is intense and its flavour is of citrus touches.

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  • Genetics: Central America x Thailand x Afghanistan
  • Composition:: 65% Indica - 35% Sativa
  • Flowering Indoor: 45-50 days
  • Outdoor Harvest: Middle October
  • Indoor production: High
  • Outdoor production: High
  • Approximate height:: Up to 3 meters
  • THC: Elevado/Haut/High
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