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Super Skunk feminized seeds

Super Skunk - Sensi Seeds

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Super Skunk by Sensi Seeds

Themariashop offers you the Super Skunk from Sensi Seeds Bank and which was one of their first serious projects to create a cannabis hybrid at the time in a version of regular seeds and of a higher level, crossing the pioneer Skunk # 1 with an old one, pure and highly resinous Afghani hash plant and now you have it in the feminized seed version.

In 1990 Super Skunk had a great recognition, winning the majority of the Cannabis Cups for Indicas. Reliable in every way, this variety becomes one of the main ones, for commercial purposes or for expert growers, Super Skunk always lives up to its reputation for super vigorous, super potent, and super fragrant cannabis.

Grow Super Skunk

This variety of cannabis is ideal for growing in indoor cabinets and that produces robust, strong and uniform plants, with a conical shape and develops thick, dense branches, packed with buds, due to its dominant indica genetics this variety rarely exceeds the medium height, which makes them very easy to handle in indoor crops where you will have to use carbon filters or anti-odor gel, it has a short flowering period of 45-50 days, in outdoor crops it is ideal for temperate climates and ready to harvest at the end of September, it is an easy-to-grow plant ideal for beginners that produces large yields of buds full of trichomes without complications and is an ideal strain for making resin extractions.

Sensi Seeds Super Skunk effect

The aroma and flavor is citrus, earthy, sweet, it is similar to mandarin orange, the effect of Super Skunk is powerful and relaxing, which makes it an option to rest pleasantly, the balance of this Indica and Sativa plant produces a strong high. for its high content of stimulating and pleasant THC.

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  • Genetics: Skunk 1 x Afghani
  • Composition:: 80% Indica - 20% Sativa
  • Flowering Indoor: 45-50 days
  • Outdoor Harvest: End of September
  • Indoor production: High
  • Outdoor production: High
  • Approximate height:: Up to 3 meters
  • THC: Elevado/Haut/High
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