Adding the diffuser Super Spreader, the Reflector Adjust-a-Wings obtains a high efficiency and can be positioned without consequences  at a distance of 20-30 cm of the plant. You can grow plants  with amazing light levels which are able to increase the area previously covered and the depth penetration, avoiding burns of the leaves and buds.

With the Super Spreader you get an unbeatable and more homogeneous distribution of light. It also reduces excess of light reflection and acts as a "refrigerator" in the areas where the lamp accumulates most of the heat.

Features of Super Spreader:

- It increases the amplitude of the light lamp.

- Eliminates "hot spots" and the darker edges of the crop.

- It produces a vigorous plant growth.

- It increases the intensity of the light without burning the plant.

- It allows the lamp to be closer to the plants.

28,00 €
Venta de Semillas de marihuana

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