VOODOO JUICE (Root Stimulator)

Voodoo Juice-Advanced Nutrients

Advanced Nutrients Voodoo Juice is a liquid solution that consists of five strains of different microbes that are used to develop microbial life in the root zone.

For the creation of Voodoo Juice, our company hired two of the best agricultural biology doctorates in the world to create and develop this revolutionary product. Voodoo Juice is a liquid solution that consists of five strains of microbes, one of which is a nitrogen fixer. These microbes colonize the root system of the plant to facilitate the conversion of organic nutrients.

Voodoo Juice is not a mycorrhizal mixture. Every 4 liters of Voodoo Juice contains 200 billion microbes. Nutrients become bio-available forms for plants while it stimulates an explosive root growth. By using Voodoo Juice, plants are better able to acquire vital nutrients and the hydration they need. In tests, the increased root mass in some species is up to 90%.

Voodoo Juice can be used in land cultivation, hydroponics, rockwool, coconut fiber, gravel ....)

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