Washing Machine Bubblextractor

Washing Machine Bubblextractor, is a simple and economical way to extract resin from the buds, mixing it with water and ice.

La Bubblextractor is a mini washing machine portable, small, easy machine to use, to clean and to store.

1) Fill half of the mini washing machine with ice and water at a temperature of 4 º C approximately.
2nd) Fill half or 3/4 of the pyramid bag of organic material (previously frozen buds for 10/12 hours).
3rd) We'll put the pyramid bag on the machine with water and ice and then we'll turn on the machine 10-15 minutes.
4th) We will place in a bucket the filter meshes (cube + 45 mc or 70 mc mesh or  190 mesh or 200 mc).
5th) Proceed to empty the machine through the draining tube that passes through the cube mesh, filtering matter and pollen.
6) The pollen is deposited on the mesh of less mc (microns), we will pass it through a sieve so it dries faster, and it is ready to be pressed or consumed. 
-Bubblextractor machine properties:

15 minute timer.

Water In-take, drain and water mesurer.

Dimensions 36 cm x 36 cm x 43 cm and weighs about 4.9 kgs.


79,00 €
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