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Autoflowering cannabis seeds

Wedding Cake Auto

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Wedding Cake Auto characteristics

Available in Themariashop the automatic version of the exquisite Wedding Cake variety from Barney's Farm's California collection, this Indica-dominant cannabis plant that will not disappoint you because it still retains all the traits of its ancestor, it is resistant to pests and stress, buds full of white crystals and with a high level of THC 25% and CBD 2.4%.

Wedding Cake Auto cultivate

You can grow Wedding Cake Auto in cannabis cabinets, it is a plant that reaches about 90 cm in height and that you can harvest 500gr / m2, you can use 11L pots, and it will be ready between 70-75 days from germination in both types of crops.

Outdoors it is a plant that adapts well to hot and temperate climates, reaching a height of 110 cm, and you can get to harvest more than 80 grams per plant, we recommend the use of fertilizers for a higher yield.

Taste and aroma of Wedding Cake Auto

Fruity aroma and flavour of summer fruit cake.

Effect of Wedding Cake Auto

It has a very powerful effect due to its high THC content, it is Indica-dominant, you will notice a cerebral high for a short time and that will give way to a pleasant and strong state of relaxation due to its high level of CBD.


Feminized autoflowering marijuana.

Genetics: Wedding Cake x BF Super Auto # 1.

Genotype: 65% Indica - 35% Sativa.

Height: 90-110 cm.

Harvest time: 70 - 75 days from germination.

Indoor production: 500 gr / m2.

Outdoor production: 80-120 gr / plant.

THC: 25%.

CBD: 2.4%.

Medicinal level: Medium.

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