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What is the CBD (Cannabidiol)?

The CBD is a substance extracted from cannabis plants, before the marijuana growers only wanted that the varieties grown were very strong in THC, and it was believed that cannabidiol (CBD) was a substance which reduced the effects of tetrahydrocannabidiol (THC). Yes it is true that the CBD alter the effects that the THC in the human body, but not negatively, opposite it counteracts the side effects that are produced when high doses of THC are consumed.CBDNowadays, after many investigations, it is demonstrated that CBD is one of the cannabis substances with more medical value, becoming one of the most famous therapeutic cannabis substance, for its big amount of benefits. 


- Analgesics (reduces pain) Double check Double check Double check
- Anti-inflammatory (reduces inflammation) Double check    
- Anti insomnia (sleep helps repair)     Double check
- Anti-apneas (episodes cuts reduces breathing)   Double check  
- Anti depresive Double check Double check  
- Anti anxiety Double check    
- Relieves spams Double check Double check Double check
- Anti epilepticus Double check    
- Neuroprotective (helps prevent neurodegeneration) Double check Double check  
Food and Digestive Disorders      
- Reduces nausea      
- Antibacterial Double check Double check  
- Stimulates appetite   Double check  
- Antioxidant   Double check Double check
- Improves intestinal transit Double check    
- Reduces the symptoms of diabetes Double check    
- Anti psoriasis (reduces itching) Double check    
- Helps maintain bones Double check    
- Inhibitor of cancer cell growth Double check    
- Reduces intraocular pressure caused by glaucoma   Double check  
- Immunosuppressive (support for lupus, rheumatism and arthritis) Double check    

Not all the cannabis substances are equal and neither work in the same way, differently of THC the not-psychoactive CBD, doesn't have secondary negative effects, doesn't hurt nor mind nor body, it isn't addictive and is impossible take an overdose, thanks to this everything the extractions of CBD can be used to the children treatment deseases.

Many investigations have demonstrated that CBD acts in a positive way in a lot of deseases or pathologies. It can reduce the chronic pain, muscular pains, the posttraumatic stress, the arthritis and the anxiety, even it acts perfectly as anti-inflammatory.

This investigations have given very positive and hopeful results to the Parkinson treatment, epilepsy, Alzheimer, multiple sclerosis, Crohn disease and cancer. Also it has a strong power to reduce the growth of bloog vessels surrounding cancerous tumors.

The CBD is finding in all the cannabis varieties, although not with the same percentage. This percentage changes between the 0,6% and the 1%; we would talk about strains with the CBD effect weak when its percentage is less than 0.6% and opposite, when it's more than 1%, the CBD effect is very strong.

Due to the CBD Boom and the customer's demand in the cannabis varieties rich in CBD, in our online store we have made a selection between the different varieties that everyday are coming to the market. 


- High content in CBD varieties selection -

From the Themariashop team we have wanted to make easier the search of our customers, making a selection with the best cannabis genetics with high content in CBD. It is known also as medical cannabis.

Semillas CBD


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