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When do we harvest marijuana plants? It is a very common question among beginners growers , because after several months of work , starting from germinating seeds , minding irrigation, transplants, using fertilizers high quality, observing day -to-day growth, flowering, giving all the pampering possible to our plants, etc... It comes the most awaited moment for every grower: "the harvest".


But be careful because not all the varieties are harvested at the same time, there are strains that will need more time to mature, knowing the basic methods we will know perfectly when do we have to cut our marijuana plants.

Our advice is probably the most effective. It is to observe the trichomes with a microscope, as they were going mature they will change color, this dark shade will pass by four different colors transparent, white, rust, and even brown.


The transparent tone indicates that our plant is not ready, don't we spoil so much time working, we must be patient... gradually it will go maturing and changing color from a whitish hue. Attention! Depending on the effect we are searching, it may be time to harvest.

Sativa varieties should be harvested at this point, to really get the effect and organoleptic properties of this kind of strains. Instead, for varieties Indicas have to wait a little longer.

The brown tone (oxide) is the sign that tells us that our plants are mature and can be harvested. Gradually this oxide tone comes darker, remember the more brown are the most relaxing trichomes the effect.
Do not let mature too much but we will lose effect and flavor.

If it is your first harvest, I hope this information has been helpful.


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